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Hello there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Happy Ewe, but you can just call me Happy. I run the show here at Smiling Sheep. As a matter of fact, the company is even named after me. My main task is to keep Lisa and Becky in line. They can get rather rambunctious while dyeing, but they do get the job done! Sometimes, they will experiment with colour and combinations, or maybe a new yarn. The results are usually stunning one-of-a-kind skeins that are sold as “Happy’s Stash.” 

Lisa Park Tomaszewski has been creating things with yarn since she was six years old. She taught herself to knit when she was 19 and hasn’t stopped! She loves to spend time with her knitting friends and has been known to knit in some very peculiar places!                                     

As Lisa’s daughter, Becky has grown up surrounded by knitting and all that goes with it! She learned to knit when she was old enough to hold the needles, but didn’t stick with it until her late teens. Becky is a colour enthusiast, and her colour sense is put to good use at Smiling Sheep!                                                                        

Smiling Sheep Fine Yarns can be purchased online, at various markets and fairs, and at select yarn stores.

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  • Treena Hrytsak on

    Co grays on getting the website up and running. This is fabulous! So glad to be one of the friends!

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